Longtime Romesco Chef To Open Taco Eatery In San Diego's South County

November 29, 2017

Heading into San Diego's South County is a new taco shop from the previous Executive Chef of Bonita's popular Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro. Tuetano Taqueria is set to debut with a menu of traditional Mexican tacos in Spring 2018.

Owned by husband-and-wife chef team - longtime Romesco Mexiterranean Executive Chef Jorge Gutierrez and current Talavera Azul chef & manager Priscilla Curiel-Gutierrez - Tuetano Taqueria will specialize in slow-cooked, fall-apart beef birria and offer a concise menu of tacos on freshly made corn tortillas, as well as other time-honored Mexican dishes. For drinks, expect items like cafe de olla, birria broth, Sebadina water (Agua Fresca), horchata, and Mexican Coke and other soft drinks.

"Our project is a homage to Mexican food and all those Mexicans who crossed the border like myself to chase a dream and a better country," said co-owner Jorge Gutierrez. "There is no fence for good food!!

Tuetano Taqueria's design will be inspired by San Ysidro and all the people who have crossed this border. The design will be minimalist, black and white with desert cactus and a representation of the rusty tin wall we have in San Ysidro dividing Tijuana and the U.S.

"What makes Tuetano Taqueria different from other eateries is that the menu has been used before and to make something really good you need to practice your recipes over and over until you cant make them any better," explained co-owner Priscilla Curiel-Gurierrez. "This has been in practice for 3 years, so everything will always taste the same because the recipes are standardized for future local chains."

We can attest that the Gutierrez's make absolutely delicious birria tacos, as we've eaten them numerous times at various events around San Diego. Tuetano Taqueria will be located at 143 W. San Ysidro Boulevard in the space that last housed Don Felix Cafe in San Ysidro and is expected to open by April 2018. For more information, visit the company's Facebook Page.