Upscale Japanese Izakaya Cloak & Petal Debuts In San Diego's Little Italy | Get Your First Look At The Menus

December 16, 2017

Unveiling this weekend for friends and family in San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood and anticipated to soft open on December 22 is Cloak & Petal - a stunning 7,500 square-foot "Japanese social dining" experience built and managed in partnership with the owner of the Tajima family of restaurants.

The prime space formerly occupied by Entrada Mexican was taken over earlier this year by Tajima owner/chef Isamu "Sam" Morikizono, who partnered with industry vet Cesar Vallin (Prospect Bar, The Rooftop La Jolla) and Seitaro Takahashi - who operates 30 restaurants in Japan - to open an upscale Japanese bar & restaurant.

The Cloak & Petal concept is derived from the combination of "Cloak", which alludes to the ideas of secrecy and a social sphere below the levels of ordinary life, and "Petal", meant to reference a gathering of friends and families - similar to the Japanese tradition of "hanami" where people congregate under the blooming cherry blossoms for food, drinks, and companionship. Meant to feel like a trip down the rabbit hole to an underground abandoned Tokyo subway in an artist's dream, as you enter the space, a lively cherry blossom draped lounge with open window seating makes diners feel like they're dining al fresco. A trellis of draping vines and teardrop lights suspends from the ceiling, creating a more intimate feel in the modern space. Behind the bar and lounge area, travel through the passage of gates into the formal dining space and Japanese whiskey & sake bar. Glazed brick and subway tiles, graffiti art, and Japanese subway etiquette posters line the main dining room.

Special Tuna Battera
The menu at Cloak & Petal is designed for sharing, featuring a large selection of otsumami (Japanese snacks), like Jidori chicken karaage, elk sashimi, surf & turf pâté, and more, as well as a variety of sushi roll creations. A selection of sashimi is also offered per piece and in combinations, and the offerings are rounded out by a handful of larger entree portioned dishes like glazed duck breast, Yoshoku Wagyu steaks, and Jidori Chicken. Behind the bar, a dozen unique craft cocktails have been customized for the restaurant, as well as a selection of local and Japanese beers, sake, wine, Japanese whiskey and more.

Cloak & Petal intends to open to the public at 4pm on Friday, December 22 at 1953 India Street in San Diego's Little Italy. For more information, call 619.501.5505, visit and check out the menus below.