San Diego's Consortium Holdings To Open Modern Take On Classic American Diner | Ketchup & Vodka Is Coming This Summer To Pacific Beach

April 1, 2018

The masterminds behind San Diego hospitality collective Consortium Holdings have impressed over and over again - from Craft & Commerce to Ironside Fish & Oyster, to Soda & Swine and their take on the classic American steakhouse Born & Raised. The group is now focusing on another timeless culinary institution - the classic American diner reimagined. Ketchup & Vodka is coming soon to San Diego's Pacific Beach neighborhood, offering a 24-hour, boozy modern diner experience to debut this Summer.

Come on folks! You all should know that the hipsters at Consortium Holdings are not fans of ketchup, or vodka, and most likely not Pacific Beach either. Happy April Fools Day!