RePost - Mission Beach Boardwalk Mishaps

July 20, 2018

The nearly five mile round trip stretch of biking/walking path known as Ocean Front Walk between San Diego's Pacific Beach and Mission Beach neighborhoods is a conveyer belt of locals and tourists making their way along the beachside throughway on every personal vehicle imaginable, especially during the summer months. One resident has compiled some of the spills and mishaps that have taken place in front of his home. You need to see this!

Ocean Front Walk is not only a convenient trail to walk, bike, or rollerblade down (just ask Slomo), but it also offers some of the most breathtaking views that San Diego is known for. One beachfront resident has documented a few of the gaffes that have taken place on the short, 200 foot section of the Mission Beach Boardwalk in front of his residence. One can only imagine the daily carnage along the full route. Check it out!

Be careful out there, San Diego!!