San Diego's ChuckAlek Independent Brewers Announces Impending Closure

July 18, 2018

Six year old San Diego craft brewery ChuckAlek Independent Brewers announced today that they would be ceasing operations in the near future, which will result in the closure of their Ramona facility, tasting room, and North Park biergarten.

Founded by husband-and-wife Grant Fraley and Marta Jankowska in Ramona, CA, in 2012, ChuckAlek is a German-style brewery named after the owners grandfathers. In 2015, the craft brewery expanded to North Park with the opening of ChuckAlek Tasting Room & Biergarten at 3139 University Avenue in North Park. Although Fraley was initially in charge of brewing operations, the company's current head brewer is Samantha Olson.

Citing declining business, ChuckAlek announced today that they will be closing the Ramona brewery and tasting room by month's end, with the North Park biergarten to remain in business until September 2. The company's issued statement is below: