Brooklyn Bagel & Bialy Ends Run In Downtown San Diego

March 22, 2019

After nearly 8 years in business, Brooklyn Bagel & Bialy has ended its tenure in San Diego's East Village.

Founded in April 2011 by Brooklyn native and one-time world-ranked kickboxer Mike Altman, Brooklyn Bagel & Bialy was a go-to spot in San Diego's East Village for fresh made bagels, sandwiches, salads and wraps. The unit appears to have already been gutted and cleaned out, possibly for a new tenant.

"It's a sad thing the bagel shop is closed," commented Mike Altman. "It was my dream to bring real Brooklyn bagels to San Diego. They were a hit from the beginning! Being down the street from the ballpark didn’t hurt. We got a lot of support from our East Village community as well. It was internal strife that was the death of the company in the end. I was one of the founding owners along with two others. I sold my interest early on due to a disagreement. Things went very well for a long time. Then recently from what I understand the largest shareholder had some internal business conflicts that caused him to decide to close the shop. I know that San Diego still loves bagels and I hope to bring them back one day."

Brooklyn Bagel & Bialy sat at 1000 Island Avenue in downtown San Diego.