Los Angeles Ramen Expert To Open Artisan Noodle Tatsuki In Downtown San Diego

July 29, 2019

Scheduled to open next month in the downtown San Diego space that previously housed Ramen Yamadaya is Artisan Noodle Tatsuki, a Japanese izakaya from an alum of one of Los Angeles' most highly reviewed ramen shops.

Japanese chef Daiki Tanaka spent a half decade working at Los Angeles' renowned artisan ramen shop Tsujita (which was described in 2017 as "the king of tonkotsu ramen in Los Angeles" by the late Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold) before targeting America's Finest City for the opening of his first solo ramen restaurant. Scheduled to grand open on Thursday, August 1,  Artisan Noodle Tatsuki will offer a concise Japanese menu centered around Tonkotsu and Tsukemen ramen noodle soups. The name 'Tatsuki' means "a tree with strong roots," and Chef Tanaka chose this moniker to symbolize his commitment for his restaurant to become a mainstay of San Diego's evolving culinary culture.

"I'd like people in this city to enjoy our high-quality ramen that we make with our heartfelt care, and I'd like my business to stand here for many years. That is why I named the restaurant Artisan Noodle TATSUKI," explained Chef Tanaka. "I'm proud of my recipe, which consists of the intense Tonkotsu broth that takes 60 hours to prepare, pairing it with selected thick, fresh noodles from the renowned Sun Noodle company. My menu consists of authentic Japanese flavors to satisfy the palate of the most discerning foodies in San Diego."

At Artisan Noodle Tatsuki, the menu will include three kinds of ramen noodles - Tonkotsu Ramen, Spicy Miso Ramen, and Tsukemen, along with two kinds of pork buns as side dishes. Toppings will include Ajitama (soft-boiled eggs), Mennma (marinated bamboo shoots), scallions, char-siu (roasted pork), and nori (dried seaweed). Tonkotsu ramen with its creamy, pork-based broth has become a favorite among ramen lovers in the U.S., and Tanaka's version takes 2 days to make. His Spicy Miso Ramen is made with his very own umami-packed original miso paste. Tsukemen, known as the dipping ramen, is served with the noodles arriving alongside the bowl of soup, allowing diners to dip them in. Tanaka plans on serving alcohol beverages starting in the fall/winter of 2019.

As a welcome to San Diego residents, Tanaka will offer 200 bowls of ramen noodles free of charge, 100 bowls for lunch and another 100 for dinner, to those who follow the restaurant's Instagram page, on Thursday, August 1 only. The restaurant has 35 seats and will be open for lunch and dinner, Monday through Saturday. Lunch will be served 11am-3pm annd dinner from 5-10:30pm.

Artisan Noodle Tatsuki is located at 531 Broadway in downtown San Diego.