North Park's Nomad Donuts Launches Kickstarter For Facelift Improvements

August 20, 2019

San Diego's Nomad Donuts has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to upgrade the outside exterior and patio of their North Park donut and bagel shop.

Opened in December 2014 by Brad Keiller, Nomad Donut's made a name for itself with its eclectic array of ever-changing, globally-inspired donut flavors, including gluten free and vegan options. In 2017, the eatery relocated with the opening of a larger North Park location, which added Montreal-style wood-fired bagels to the menu, as well as coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Nomad Donuts brought a satellite location to downtown San Diego's Emmes 701B office tower last summer, but that branch has since closed and is now The Bean Box.

Keiller launched his Kickstarter campaign yesterday with the aim of raising $17,800 in order to improve the exterior of Nomad Donuts, including the addition of a sidewalk café that will double the seating capacity, improved signage, an updated awning and an exterior paint job. In exchange for funding the campaign, backers receive a variety of limited edition merch, gift cards, donut & bagel packages and more.

Nomad Donuts is located at 3102 University Avenue in San Diego's North Park. For more information, visit