Passive Activities Permitted On San Diego County Beaches Starting Next Week

May 28, 2020

It was announced this afternoon that starting next week, passive activities will be permitted at San Diego County beaches, provided people maintain physical distancing or wear a face covering when close to others.

At today's San Diego County daily press conference, Supervisor Greg Cox announced that San Diego County beaches would be permitted to reopen for passive activities starting on Tuesday, June 2. Sitting on the beach will be allowed for sunbathing and relaxing with towels and chairs solely for people within the same household. However, no activities such as football and volleyball will be permitted. Also, all piers and parking lots will remain closed. Local jurisdictions will be permitted to keep beaches closed if they so desire, but it was stated that independent city administrators agreed beach openings would be consistent across the entire county. Enforcement will be left up to city and county law enforcement.

Beaches have been closed for passive activities since the countywide stay-at-home order went into effect on March 17. Restaurants were permitted to reopen for dine-in starting on May 21, and hair salons, churches and barbershops were allowed to open starting today, all required to implement safety precautions and post a Safe Reopening Plan.

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