San Diego Enters "Stage 2" Of Modified Stay-At-Home Orders | What Does That Mean??

May 8, 2020

As of today, San Diego and much of California has entered into what the state's governor has deemed "stage 2" of modifying the stay-at-home order in place since March 19. Here is what that means in San Diego County.

California has released a Resilience Roadmap for modifying its stay-at-home order. It allows certain businesses to reopen, with restrictions, starting Friday May 8. Curbside retail and delivery is now permitted for bookstores, jewelry stores, toy stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, home and furnishing stores, sporting goods stores, antique stores, music stores, and florists. Businesses reopening are required to complete San Diego County's Safe Reopening Plan and post it at their entrance. There is also a state checklist for specific industries, such as the retailer guidance and checklist. Manufacturing and supply chains supporting the permitted Stage 2 businesses, are also allowed to reopen and must also complete a Safe Reopening Plan. A business's plan may need to be updated and reposted when state guidance changes. Essential businesses already operating do not need to submit a new plan.

The statewide stay-at-home order remains in place throughout California, meaning everyone is asked to remain home except to take care of essential needs, go to an essential job, or go out for exercise. People are required to practice social distancing and remain at least six feet away from other people unless they are household members. All employees of essential businesses that have contact with the public must wear facial coverings - supermarkets, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, pharmacies, childcare facilities that serve food, banks and public transportation. Face covering are required to be worn by county health mandate when leaving home when you are within six feet of anyone not a household member or whenever entering a business. Anyone 65 or older, with a compromised immune system, with underlying health issues or with any COVID-19 related symptoms is strongly encouraged to remain home. Businesses and organizations that provide critical infrastructure are exempted, including health care and public health, public safety, food and agriculture, media, and some others.

Restaurants are still only able to stay open for take-out and delivery, although Newsom said he would be releasing plans to allow eateries to open for dine-in on Tuesday, May 12. Many area eateries remain open for take-out and delivery. County beaches and bays are allowed to open for walking, running, swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling, although sitting remains prohibited. Beach parking lots must remain closed. Recreational boating is permitted on the ocean, bays and lakes for members of a household, although some boat launches remain closed. Businesses that deal in the rental of boats, bikes, surf boards, kayaks, etc., are also now permitted to operate.

"People should stay at home as much as possible and not mingle with individuals who are not part of their own household," said Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer. "Gathering restrictions remain in place to protect San Diegans from getting and spreading the virus."

Various parks around the county are open, including some parking lots, and visitors are permitted to sit, lie down, and picnic so long as they practice social distancing. Members of a family or household can play active sports, such as basketball, catch and volleyball. Parks may have their own restrictions so it is advised to check before visiting. Park managers are required to create and post a plan for how they will provide for social distancing, a template of such can be found here.  Golf course are permitted to be open so long as operators post a plan for social distancing, which can be found here. Instruction and sit-down food service are not allowed. Golf carts can have only one person, unless other golfers are from the same household.

Effective May 9, local campgrounds can begin to reopen, but certain restrictions will apply. Campgrounds will have to operate at 50% of their regular capacity and occupants of individual campsites must be members of the same household. Playgrounds and other campground amenities will not be available at this time.

All public and private schools, colleges and universities are closed, and while some childcare facilities remain open, they are only to be used for children of parents working in essential sectors. Childcare facilities must follow heightened sanitary guidelines and distancing requirements, as well as establish health check and temperature screenings.

In most situations, visiting someone in a hospital or long-term care facility is no longer allowed, with limited exceptions for family and friends visiting a patient in an end-of-life situation or a child who is a patient. Non-essential medical care should be cancelled or rescheduled.

Businesses with any questions should email San Diego County at [email protected].