Roving Pop-Up Angry Pete's Pizza To Open Permanent Location Inside Kensington Brewing Company

June 11, 2020

A popular local pop-up for Detroit-style deep-dish pizza, Angry Pete's Pizza has secured a permanent location inside San Diego's Kensington Brewing Company.

Angry Petes Pizza was founded in 2018 by Michigan-native Pete Harbison. The eatery began as a small pop up, doing events at farmers markets, festivals and beer pairings with some of San Diego's top breweries.  Angry Pete's offers a menu of Detroit-style pizza, which is basically a hybrid version of Sicilian style pizza made in square metal pans originally designed for auto parts in the Detroit factories. The pizza is made using a higher hydration level dough, that is much lighter and fluffier than other deep dish pizzas. Another signature of Detroit-style pizza is crispy cheese around the crust.

"As a native Michigander who wondered into San Diego 15 years ago, I really missed the classic Michigan comfort foods, things like Detroit style pizza, Coney dogs, Faygo pop & loose burgers that no one serves in SD," explained 'Angry" Pete Harbison. "I have a wide range of culinary experience, with various cuisines, including fine dining, pastries, pizza, Italian, Greek, Irish & sushi in restaurants, hotels, casinos & country clubs. I like to integrate many of these various cuisines, techniques and flavors onto our specialty Detroit style pizzas.  After several years of trying unsuccessfully to find the funding to open my own brick & mortar location, I decided to start small with catering and pop ups, which was actually a great way to showcase our pizza without the risk and overhead of a brick mortar. Two years later, Angry Petes Pizza finally has a full time home."

Angry Pete's Pizza is partnering with Kensington Brewing Company and will launch an onsite eatery on the premises in the next few weeks. Angry Pete's will offer a limited menu of pizza and specialty items like Michegan-style "Coney" chili hotdogs. Pizzas will be available for onsite consumption and take-away with suggestions for pairing with Kensington Brewing's line of craft beers. Customers will also be able to purchase Angry Pete's signature habanero honey.

Angry Pete's Pizza will be located at 4067 Adams Avenue in San Diego's Kensington neighborhood. For more information, visit