A San Diego Comedy Club Uses Protest In Attempt To Skirt New Restrictions On Indoor Activity

July 7, 2020

In light of recent news that bars and restaurants must close indoor operations, downtown San Diego's American Comedy Co. will host its first "Open Mic Protest" this evening at 8pm, hoping to use constitutional protections for protest to skirt new restrictions.

"Performing protesters can protest from the stage area and the audience can protest by watching the stage area protests," reads American Comedy Co.'s promotions for its first Open Mic Protest. "Simple as that. Every protester MUST wear a mask 100% of the time inside, unless verbally protesting on the protester stage. One protester protests by talking at a time. We won't be selling food or booze for these protest shows. Bar and kitchen will be closed until dine-in eating is reapproved. Until then, we'll only be a safe space for people to protest on stage while people protest watching that person protest in the most socially safest way imaginable. Please eat and drink before arrival!"

The marketing for the Open Mic Protest features President Donald Trump and states that it is "brought to you by our friends @ Plumpjack Winery," the Napa Valley vineyard founded by California Governor Gavin Newsom. American Comedy Co. intends to host the open mic nights Tuesday through Saturday, believing by labeling the events as a protest they will be able to bypass new orders to close indoor operations. American Comedy Co. was founded in early 2012 by Justin Hollister, who ran an improv comedy club for six years in San Jose before moving to San Diego. 

Due to increasing COVID-19 numbers, yesterday it was ordered that inside operations be restricted on many businesses throughout San Diego County, including dine-in restaurants (outdoor, pick up or drive-through can occur), wineries, tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, card rooms, museums and zoos. Bars and breweries that do not serve food must close all operations, but that restriction was already imposed countywide on June 29. 

American Comedy Co. is located at 818 Sixth Ave in downtown San Diego. For more information, visit americancomedyco.com.