Fresh Handmade Italian Pasta Is Coming To San Diego's Westfield UTC

August 2, 2020

De Nunno will bring handmade, authentic Italian pasta to San Diego's Westfield UTC this fall.

"I owe a lot to San Diego," said owner Filippo De Nunno, who was born and raised in north Italy. "I have lived here for 4 years and completely fell in love with the city and the people. Living in this beautiful place made me realize how much the Italian culture, specifically the food, is appreciated by the locals. After growing up in Torino, which is the main city of the Piedmont region. I know that pasta does not need to be fancy nor expensive. There is the tendency to think that in order to have a good pasta, you have to go to a fancy restaurant, wait a long time and pay a hefty bill. That’s not the case!"

De Nunno will soon open his namesake eatery in the center of the food court within Westfield UTC mall in La Jolla. Expect a menu of authentic, high quality pasta at an affordable price, prepared from a 250 square-foot space using only locally sourced and Italian imported ingredients. De Nunno will have a fully open kitchen where customers can choose from signature pasta offerings or customize their order by choosing the grain and shape of handcrafted pasta, then pick sauces, condiments and extras to make their ideal dish. The eatery will offer 3 choices of grain - gluten free, classic and wholewheat. There will also be vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options always available. The restaurant is also committed to an eco-friendly philosophy and will only be using compostable material and reduce waste to the minimum. In addition, they will not sell any plastic bottled drink.

"The awesome part about our format is that we don’t tell you what to eat, we just give a little guidance and you can choose what best fits for you," continued De Nunno. "You simply choose a grain, sauce, and extras… that’s it! The format will feel similar to a Chipotle, but we cook it right as you order."

For pasta add ons, customers will be able to choose between imported and specialty cheeses such as Burrata and Parmiggiano Reggiano aged 24 months, as well as proteins like shrimp, nduja, pancetta, and veggies like mushrooms and zucchini. There will also be a variety of fresh salads, such as Caprese made with tomato, burrata, arugula and Italian extra virgin olive oil, and mixed greens, with figs, gorgonzola, walnut and Balsamic, as well as Italian desserts such as handmade Tiramisu and cannolis. De Nunno also will be releasing pasta kits that can be purchased online, which will be delivered with all the necessary ingredients, instructions and cooking tips.

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