Gypsy Alchemist To Bring Sand-Brewed Coffee To San Diego

March 18, 2021

Gypsy Alchemist will bring traditional sand-brewed Turkish coffee to San Diego when it opens its first location in Del Mar this summer. 

Gypsy Alchemist is the product of longtime wellness professional Sarah Jaegar. The 664 square-foot space previously served as a barber shop and will be designed to look like a gypsy caravan, decorated with eclectic items from around the world, Indian-carved furniture, and Middle Eastern decor. There will also be an outdoor area with bistro tables among the trees alongside Camino Del Mar. 

"I love the gypsy mindset - traveling through regions and picking up culture, music, and cuisine along the way," explained Gypsy Alchemist founder Sarah Jaeger. "Playing with flavors and ingredients is my alchemy. To take simple raw ingredients and magically weave together flavors and experiences, that’s what I love to share with people. I've been in the wellness industry for over 13 years ranging from owning a wellness center and yoga studio to operating a yoga consulting practice. I have been studying and experimenting with herbs, flavors and aromas most of my adult life. With restorative teas and unique coffee beverages, I want to provide an oasis to nourish, replenish and connect."

The menu at Gypsy Alchemist will be centered around sand-brewed Turkish coffee, a special brewing method that involves using very hot sand to brew coffee. A Cezva (jez-veh) or Turkish coffee pot is placed in the hot sand to heat the coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to the exact temperature of boiling. This special brewing method brings out a rich, thick, and deep taste. The cafe will also offer Egyptian coffee, pour over coffee, house-made Chai tea, a range of herbal teas & beverages, and house-baked goods like cream scones, muffins, shortbread cookies, fruit tarts, breads, streusel, caramel apple hand pies, and more. 

Gypsy Alchemist is anticipated to open at some point this summer at 1202 Camino Del Mar, Suite B, in San Diego's Del Mar neighborhood. For more information, visit