Padadak Korean Chicken To Open Several Locations Around San Diego

April 24, 2021

It's only been a few months since the flagship location launched in La Jolla, but Padadak Korean Chicken is already in the process of opening several more branches around San Diego County.

Last December, Jun Ho Nam opened the first Padadak Korean Chicken restaurant within La Jolla Village Square shopping plaza. A Korean word that represents a chicken fluttering  powerfully towards the sky, Padadak offers a menu centered around twice-fried chicken available as wings, drums, or strips with choice of sauces like soy garlic, sweet & spicy, or golden sparkling. The eatery also offers Korean side dishes like Teokbokki spicy rice cakes, japchae stir fried clear noodles and Korean ramen, as well as other menu items, combos and dipping sauces. 

Padadak Korean Chicken will open 3 more locations this year around San Diego, including in San Marcos, Scripps Poway, and Clairemont Mesa. The company is also tinkering with the idea of franchising for locations outside San Diego County. 

Padadak Korean Chicken is currently open at 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive, Suite 103, within La Jolla Village Square mall. For more information, visit