Son Of A Toast Ends Run In San Diego's North Park

November 15, 2021

Blaming the city in its announcement, Son of a Toast has permanently closed in San Diego's North Park community.

"Today will be the last our final day here at Toast," read Son of a Toast's Instagram post announcing its closure. "With the recent developments brought by the City, forced removal of our Parklets, omitting street parking, and other factors that have interfered with our economic ability to succeed we are leaving North Park with much regret. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us so proud of the food we served and your wonderful review. We will let you know the details of when and where."

Chef Gaston Corbala opened Son of a Toast at 3066 University Avenue in North Park in April 2019. After selling his share of the grilled cheese chain that he help found, Grater Grilled Cheese, Gaston set his eyes on the toast game and offered a menu centered around open-face sandwiches made with Sadie Rose bread. 

It was reported last month that several North Park restaurant owners would be required to remove their dining parklets to make way for the City of San Diego’s University Avenue Mobility Project, which would construct several roadway, transit and pedestrian projects along Unversity Avenue between Florida and Boundary Streets. It is believed this project is what precipitated Son of a Toast's decision to close.