Young Hickory Coffee & Beer Bar Announces Impending Closure Of Both San Diego Locations

January 3, 2022

San Diego craft beer and coffee shop Young Hickory has announced the impending closure of both its North Park and East Village locations. 

Graphic designer Clay Summers opened the flagship branch of Young Hickory in North Park in 2013 and replicated the concept within the IDEA1 building adjacent to Lola 55 in the East Village in 2018. The modern cafe offered a menu of local coffee, craft beer cans, and casual breakfast and lunch options.

"Since September 20, 2013 we have had the pleasure of serving you two of our favorite things: Coffee and Beer," wrote owner Clay Summers in a social media post announcing the closure of Young Hickory. "Of course, our time together has been so much more than just those things. We’ve witnessed relationships blossom, seen countless friends come and go, watched families grow together, and formed forever bonds with people that we truly cherish. Being a part of this community has been incredible in many ways, and a blessing on so many levels. Through the ups and downs, we’ve been through it all – together. But, as you surely know by now, all things must come to an end. This month we will be ceasing our operations at Young Hickory. To put it simply, the pandemic has affected us in such a real and fiscal manner that operating is no longer sustainable for us. We survived the circumstances as long as we possibly could, fighting tooth and nail the whole way. Despite our best efforts, the time has come for us to move on."

Young Hickory's East Village location will close after service on Friday, January 21, with the North Park location closing after end of business on Sunday, January 31. Patrons with gift cards are encouraged to use them prior to last days of operation. 

"There’s nowhere near enough space to thank every person that has helped make Young Hickory a neighborhood staple for the past 8+ years," continued Summers. "If you’ve walked through our doors, that’s you. You know who you are. To each and every one of you, from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU."

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