Duke's Old Fashioned Onion Burgers Brings Oklahoma-Style Smashed Burgers To San Diego

April 14, 2022

Duke's Old Fashioned Onion Burgers has finally opened, bringing Oklahoma-style smashed onion burgers to San Diego.

From Frank Schulz, a San Diego native who left for 34 years and since returned 6 years ago, Duke's Old Fashioned Onion Burgers has opened within the space that last housed a Starbucks Coffee in La Mesa. The new eatery offers a menu centered around Oklahoma onion burgers, where thinly-sliced onions are smashed into the patty while cooking on a flat top grill.

Duke's Old Fashioned Onion Burgers is a fast-casual concept with indoor and outdoor seating. The menu features fresh Angus beef patties cooked to order, allowing patrons to customize their burger with a variety of toppings, including cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños and house made pickles. Duke's also offers a selection of fresh-cut, double-fried French fries, including Spanish fries with onions and jalapeños, bacon cheese fries, and steak and blue cheese fries, as well as handmade milkshakes, soft drinks, a chicken sandwich, a salad, an onion loaf, and a S'mores quesadilla for dessert.

Duke's Old Fashioned Onion Burgers is now open at 5020 Baltimore Drive in San Diego's La Mesa community. Visit Duke's on Facebook & Instagram for more information.