San Diego’s First Zero-Waste Grocery Store The Mighty Bin Unveils In North Park

April 11, 2022

Now open in San Diego's North Park, The Mighty Bin is a 'zero-waste' grocery store specializing in unpackaged, plastic-free, organic, local and non-toxic foods and goods.

Following a career as an energy consultant and sustainability analyst, Isabelle DeMillan decided to put her passion for environmental conservation toward opening a more sustainable grocery concept. After raising over $35,000 through a successful KickStarter campaign, DeMillan secured a spot within the small retail shopping plaza in North Park that also houses The Wise Ox and Empanada Kitchen to launch The Mighty Bin, San Diego's first zero-waste boutique grocery store.

"The Mighty Bin came to life after realizing that the most impactful way to create a sustainable future is by making small changes to our everyday habits," said Isabelle DeMillan, founder of The Mighty Bin. "I am so excited to open up a sustainable business that provides everyone with the resources to learn and easily adopt low-waste habits. At The Mighty Bin, we want our consumers to feel empowered knowing that by changing their everyday habits to low-waste alternatives and supporting a consciously-sourced business, they are part of the solution towards helping us create a more sustainable future."

The Mighty Bin is a package free grocery store specializing in local, non-toxic, and sustainably-produced foods and goods. Customers will be able to bring in their own containers or purchase reusable containers in the store and shop a variety of products including nuts, beans, grains, cereals, baking products, oils, coffee, spices, dried fruit, produce, cleaning products and much more. Customers will also have the option to order online and pick up their groceries in-store. Not only will The Mighty Bin help minimize package waste, it will also allow customers to choose how much of a product they want to buy, preventing food waste and saving on costs. The Mighty Bin is also partnering with The Compost Group to bring an organic waste drop off site to the store.

The Mighty Bin is now open Tuesday through Sunday at 2855 El Cajon Boulevard, Suite 4, in San Diego's North Park. For more information, visit