Dr. Boochart To Bring Healthy & Hard Kombucha To San Diego's North County

June 13, 2022

Dr. Boochart is gearing up to introduce its proprietary blend of "Healthy and Hard" kombucha to San Diego with the incoming opening of the company's first area tasting room in North County. 

Founded in late 2020 by craft beer enthusiast turned kombucha aficionado Karl Trujillo, Dr. Boochart is a Steampunk-themed kombucha company that makes a gluten and sugar-free 6% abv hard kombucha. Dr. Boochart's hard kombucha includes a proprietary blend of herbs, roots, vitamins, minerals and adaptogens aimed to protect the body's major organs from the deleterious effects of alcohol. Where most kombuchas are fermented with black tea, Dr. Boochart uses yerba mate tea, which has fewer tannins than black tea, as well as numerous health benefits. 

Dr. Boochart has taken over a 3,500 square-foot former retail storefront on Grand Avenue in downtown Escondido for the opening of the company's first tasting room and brewhouse. Expect a bar serving Dr. Boochart's signature hard kombucha flavors, including Booster Berry with black cherry, blueberry and elderberry.

Dr. Boochart’s is anticipated to unveil as early as this August at 105 East Grand Avenue in San Diego's North County city of Escondido. For more information, visit drboochart.com.