El Cid Brewing To Replace Home Brewing Co. In San Diego's North Park

June 22, 2022

Taking over the recently-shuttered Home Brewing Co. in San Diego's North Park is El Cid Brewing, a Navy-inspired craft brewery set to unveil later this summer. 

Terry Kellar and Eric Bridges met at the University of California San Diego Brewing program last fall and bonded over a common goal to open their very own craft brewery in San Diego. The duo recently took over the space on El Cajon Boulevard that housed Home Brewing Co. for ten years before the company shuttered last month

"I am a retired Navy Senior Chief and my business partner is a chemist," explained El Cid Brewing Company co-founder Eric Bridges. " I had been a bi-weekly patron at Home Brewing Co for numerous years and was afforded the opportunity to lease this space when George left. We are definitely excited to open up and we are working as hard as we can to get licensed and running. Our beer and brewery is dedicated our long lost friend, El Cid, and all the crusty old goats that have served in our fine Navy since that first day in April, eighteen ninety-three."

Named after the U.S. Navy’s first goat mascot, El Cid, who was a pet aboard the armored cruiser New York in the 1890s, El Cid Brewing Company aims to soft open as early as this August. The company currently has a 1 BBL brewing system but will upgrade to a 5 BBL system before the grand opening on April 1, 2023. Expect a rotating lineup of signature craft beers and hard seltzers, including Ask The Chief "Khaki" Pale Ale, Knifehand IPA, Red Chevrons Irish Red, General Order 409 American Lager, Morning Quarters Coffee Stout, High Dust Hazy IPA, El Hefe West Coast IIPA, La Jefa Strawberry Hefeweizen, Rise to the Top Cream Ale, Deckplate Mexican Lager, Honchcrawler Green Apple Hard Seltzer, and Diet Goat Diet Cola Hard Seltzer.  

El Cid Brewing Company aims to soft open on August 5, 2022 at 2911 El Cajon Boulevard, Suite 2, in San Diego's North Park. For more information, visit elcidbrewing.com.