Harmony Cuisine 2B1 Brings "New Japanese" Sushi Experience To San Diego

June 25, 2022

A "New Japanese" restaurant concept now open in Kearny Mesa, Harmony Cuisine 2B1 is San Diego's latest upscale sushi and global fusion restaurant. 

The origin of the Harmony Cuisine 2B1 name coincides with the restaurant’s philosophy - bringing the staff and the customer together to become one (2-B-1), creating a dining experience in harmony. With a menu of modern Japanese dishes created by Executive Chef Mickey Ninomiya, who has 30+ years experience including working at Sushi Ota for over 12 years, staff believes in intimately engaging with each customer who walks through the doors. 

"Inspired by WCK (World Central Kitchen by Chef José Andrés), a great restaurant runs on three basic elements: great food, excellent service, and a comfortable ambiance," explained Harmony Cuisine 2B1 co-founder  Tsuyoshi Fujita. "Our team works hard to push these basics to a higher standard. This can only be achieved by working together with the shared goal of creating this outstanding experience for every guest."

Nestled on Convoy Street in the heart of Kearny Mesa, Harmony Cuisine 2B1 offers a variety of Japanese cuisine with not only traditional sushi but also an array of appetizers, A5 Wagyu, pasta, homemade desserts, and other fusion dishes. There are also offered pairings of the dishes with selected drinks, including rare sake from Japan, wine from various regions, and original cocktails.

"Since the pandemic, we have seen a need for better service and quality with care in the restaurant industry, which is why we have created a business model so highly focused on the details," says Midori Taira, Co-Owner and General Manager of Harmony Cuisine 2B1, formerly a manager at Sushi Ota for 7 years. "This includes the entire experience, as guests sit down and have the first bite of quality food, to the way our staff interacts to create a personal connection with each guest."

Harmony Cuisine 2B1 is located at  3904 Convoy Street, Suite #117, in San Diego's Kearny Mesa. For more information, visit hc2b1.com.