San Diego Reddit Thread Dishes Dirt On Best & Worst Local Restaurants To Work For

August 5, 2022

A thread on a San Diego Subreddit has amassed nearly a thousand comments with people dishing both dirt and praise about many San Diego bars & restaurants.

"[A]s a server born and raised in sd i’ve worked at my fair share of shitty restaurants with shitty owners," reads the thread titled restaurants that do and don’t deserve my support? on the r/sandiego Subreddit group. "i’m wondering who i should be giving my money to here and who sucks and i shouldn’t be going to?"

Within the more than 600 comments that have been posted on the thread at time of publishing, many San Diego restaurants and owners are both criticized and praised. Local establishments mentioned include Swami's, Pizza Port, Polite Provisions, The Crack Shack, Encontro North Park, Buona Forchetta, OB Noodle House, and Cohn Restaurant Group eateries, to name a few. 

Check out the full Reddit thread here.