The Seventh House To Bring Tarot-Inspired Brunch To San Diego's North Park

October 5, 2022

Members of the team behind San Diego's Farmers Table restaurants are bringing a new tarot-inspired, all-day eatery to North Park.

A new restaurant called The Seventh House is in the process of installing in the space that last housed MétlBar Creamery & Cafe in San Diego's North Park. Owned by Farmers Table restaurant co-founder Alberto Morreale and longtime Farmer's Table bar manager Preston Cobb, Seventh House will be an all-day restaurant focused on brunch, happy hour and light dinner service with a menu featuring elements of French, Mexican and American cuisine. 

"Our menu is a French/Mexican/American fusion," explained Seventh House co-founder Preston Cobb. "We feature a 28 seat bar, full dining room and early mornings coffee window. The concept was designed and inspired around a deck of tarot cards. The artwork displayed has a French, art nouveau style and color palette. The name 'Seventh House' is derived from astrology and the different houses of the zodiac. The Seventh House is responsible for partnership, community, friendship and strong bonds between partners."

Highlights from The Seventh House launch menu include blue corn pancake with sweet ricotta cheese, maple honey and seasonal berries; lobster Benedict with poached eggs over a lobster cake topped with tarragon Hollandaise and caviar; Aligot burger with double brisket patties, roasted caramelized onion hearts, aligot cheese (mashed potatoes with cheese) and French fries; and roasted cauliflower topped with black mole sauce and pine nuts. The restaurant will also have a full bar with cocktails, mimosas, beer and wine.  

The Seventh House is anticipated to open as early as Wednesday, October 12 at 2835 University Avenue in San Diego's North Park. For more information, visit and check out the menu below.