San Diego Reddit Thread Dishes On The City's Most Overrated Restaurants

November 5, 2022

A Reddit thread on the San Diego subreddit has amassed nearly 1,000 comments responding to the question "What's the most overrated restaurant here in San Diego?".

"My friends kept telling me about Mr. A's," read the post by username John_Wicks_fn_pencil. "Finally went with a group of friends. Food tasted okay. View was nice , but that was pretty much it. What restaurants do you guys think is overrated?"

At the time of publishing, more than 865 comments were posted responding to the question. Throughout the comments, many San Diego restaurants are discussed, including Mister A's, The Marine Room, Breakfast Republic, Underbelly, Puesto, and Hodad's, to name a few. 

In response to the thread about overrated restaurants, another user started a reddit post about San Diego's most underrated restaurants. San Diego restaurants mentioned in the underrated category included Solare Ristorante in Liberty Station, La Doña in Ocean Beach, Ciccia Osteria in Barrio Logan, and Mitch's Seafood in Point Loma. 

So what do you think are San Diego's most underrated and overrated restaurants? Send your answers to [email protected].