Netflix-Featured Rhythm's Chicken & Waffles Announces Impending Closure In San Diego's Pacific Beach

March 22, 2023

Rhythm's Chicken & Waffles, which was featured on a Netflix in 2021, has announced its impending closure in San Diego's Pacific Beach. 

Brian Foxworth started out his culinary career working in kitchens around San Diego before opening his fried chicken fueled food truck business in 2017. Foxworth began his entrepreneurial journey at San Diego High School, always having an interest in owning his own business. He even helped get fried chicken from a local business on the school's lunch menu and also ran a small record studio recording for artists from around San Diego County. After a couple ventures, Foxworth started a company called Green Team Recycling where he put recycling bins on school campuses and collected the cans and bottles after lunches. He went on to receive a contract with the San Diego Padres to clean the stadium, which grew the company to over 300 employees.

In mid 2019, Brian opened Rhythm's Chicken & Waffles in the heart of San Diego's Pacific Beach neighborhood. The music-themed eatery quickly had lines out the door of hungry patrons wanting to sample comfort food dishes like the popular chicken and waffles sandwiches, as well as hand-pressed burgers, bacon wrapped hotdogs, loaded chicken fries & tots, chicken sandwiches and more. In 2021, Rhythms was featured on the Netflix original series Fresh, Fried & Crispy. The family also took over a neighboring unit two door downs from Rhythm's to open Rhythm & Desserts (R&D) Ice Cream. 

The Foxworths have announced that they will be closing their Pacific Beach eateries after end of service on Friday, March 31. The family indicated they plan on reopening their concepts in another larger space somewhere in San Diego one day soon. 
"I know but..We got some big things coming up and we’re excited to move on to the next chapter," read the announcement on Rhythm's Instagram page. "Unfortunately, that means we have to close down our current business. MARCH 31st will be our last day in PB. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the Southeast San Diego community and the entire San Diego community for supporting us every step of the way. Your encouragement and patronage have been invaluable to us. We also want to extend our gratitude to visitors from around the world who have made our project a part of their San Diego experience. Your support and enthusiasm have been humbling and inspiring. Last but not least, we want to give a special shoutout to our wonderful landlords and #pacificbeach for giving us the chance to make our dream a reality!! Your support has meant the world to us. Thanks again for all your support and stay hungry for what’s to come! UNTIL THE NEXT EPISODE!"
Rhythm's Chicken & Waffles is located at 1136 Garnet Avenue in San Diego's Pacific Beach. For more information, visit