San Diego Italian Restaurant Destination Launches Interactive Cooking Classes

June 5, 2023

Want to learn to cook like a Michelin-starred chef? San Diego Italian restaurant destination Ambrogio by Acquerello in La Jolla has launched interactive cooking classes for patrons looking to get hands-on instruction on how to make top-level Italian cuisine.

At Ambrogio by Acquerello's cooking classes, learn to master the art of Italian cooking from expert chefs who have trained in some of the most prestigious culinary schools in Italy and with years of experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants. Attendees will learn how to prepare and cook special dishes in a fun and social environment. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced home cook, the Ambrogio by Acquerello cooking classes are designed to help develop skills and knowledge. From classic Italian recipes to contemporary twists, the expert chefs will be on hand to guide every step of the way. 

Helmed by Michelin Star Chef Silvio Salmoiraghi, Ambrogio by Acquerello offers modern Italian cuisine using the traditional flavors of Milan, Italy with Pacific Asian influences. Each evening, the restaurant offers two tasting menus options and wine pairings. The multi-course prix-fixe tasting menus features an omnivore option and a vegetarian option (that can be made fully vegan). Tasting menus change seasonally, and each artfully-designed dish draws inspiration from France, Korea, Japan, California, and of course, Italy. The restaurant's wine list specializes in organic, vegan and biodynamic wines.

Ambrogio by Acquerello private cooking classes are 4-hours long with up to six patrons learning to make four dishes per class, which they will also get a chance to eat and enjoy. Wine bottles and wine pairing are optional, offered at regular price. Classes usually take place on Mondays, depending on availability. The class is $475 per person with a five class package offered for $2,000 per person. Each class has a different theme like pasta, seafood, etc.

Ambrogio by Acquerello is located at 7556 Fay Avenue in San Diego's La Jolla. For more information and to book a cooking class, visit