Alce 101 Kitchen & Tequileria Shutters In San Diego's North County

October 13, 2023

After three years in business, ALCE 101 Kitchen & Tequileria has announced its closure in San Diego's North County.

In summer 2019, industry veteran Bradley Evarts opened satellite distillery and restaurant ALCE 101 within Solana Beach's The Boardwalk shopping center. Evarts had to go through almost 2 years of administrative hurdles with the Solana Beach city council prior to being approved to open the restaurant.

"ALCE 101 Kitchen and Tequileria is a farm to table meets southwest restaurant," explained Evarts prior to the opening. "It has been inspired by our love for tequila and of the craft of distilling tequila in the highlands of Jalisco, where we have partnered with soon to be released private label tequila."

The 3,663 square-foot Alce 101 restaurant business is currently listed for the sale price of $850,000 by local commercial real estate brokerage firm Next Wave Commercial. The turn-key space reportedly had over $1.5 million worth of improvements prior to opening and carries a Type-47 full liquor license. 

"It is with heavy, yet hopeful, hearts that we announce the temporary closure of ALCE 101," reads the announcement on the company's social media channels. "Our doors will be shut until further notice due to maintenance and restructuring. We would like to thank and acknowledge everyone for their business and continued support; We apprciate and value each and every person who enters our restaurant."

ALCE 101 offered a Napa Valley style design with Mexican accents, including a wall of organ pipe cactus, as well as expansive outdoor patio seating. The restaurant served upscale Mexican-American fusion cuisine and tequila sourced from Jalisco, Mexico.

ALCE 101 sits at 243 N Highway 101, Suite 7, in Solana Beach. For more information, visit