Froggy's Bar & Grill Making Triumphant Return To San Diego's Pacific Beach

November 5, 2023

Following a 12 year hiatus, Froggy's Bar & Grill is gearing up to make its triumphant return to San Diego's Pacific Beach. 

In late August 1992, Michel Malecot, the owner of San Diego's decades-old French Gourmet, and hospitality consultant William "Billy O" Orilio, opened Froggy's Bar & Grill on Turquoise Street in North Pacific Beach. Named after the derogatory English term for Frenchmen, Froggy's eventually sold, then closed in 2011 and became The Bar Key, which remained in operation until early this year. Now, Froggy's is reopening in its original space and will be operated by the brand's founders.

"Michel and I are always involved with each other in a lot of different ways," explained Froggy's co-founder Billy Orilio. "I have helped him with his catering during the holidays when the labor pool is short-handed. We both sit on the Mesa College Culinary Advisory Board, I consulted on his opening and operating procedures for the food outlet that the French Gourmet operates at Birch Aquarium. When Dave closed the Bar Key in February, and in late June Michel called me and asked me if I wanted to be his partner again and do Froggy’s 2.0 'in the shack next door.' Our entire lives, Michel and I always have a lot balls in the air, but we never say 'No' to adding another one to the juggling algorithm. We both needed to shuffle a few projects around to make it work, but it was a no brainer." 

Like the original Froggy's, expect the quaint space to be designed with frog decorations throughout and offer a menu of elevated, globally-inspired bar food from French Gourmet Chef Adrian Talavera. From the bar, there will be cocktails prepared with classic garnishes, beer, wine, and premium spirits, with a focus on bourbon and tequila. 

Froggy's Bar & Grill will grand open on Sunday, November 12, at 954 Turquoise Street in San Diego North Pacific Beach neighborhood. For more information, visit and check out the Froggy's menu below.