1970s-Inspired Bar & Restaurant Good Night John Boy To Replace Tin Roof In San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter

November 1, 2023

Taking the place of the now-closed Tin Roof live music venue in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter, Good Night John Boy is a 70s-themed disco bar, restaurant and night club with four locations currently in operation. Before the full transformation takes place, the space will serve as a festive Christmas-themed bar.

Founded in Cleveland, OH, in 2021 by Bobby Rutter's and Michael Schwartz's Forward Hospitality Group (often abbreviated FWD Hospitality), which operates over 20 venues, Good Night John Boy is a Studio 54-style bar, restaurant and nightclub concept where disco and dance are the main attractions. The concept currently has locations in Cleveland, Chicago, Columbus, OH, and St. Petersburg, FL.

The nightclub's name, Good Night John Boy, is a tribute to The Waltons, one of the most popular shows on TV in the early 1970s. At the end of each episode, the Walton family would say goodnight to one another before falling asleep, with John Boy being the main character. The phrase, "Good Night, John Boy," was one of the most popular sayings in the 1970s.
For its first west coast concept, Forward Hospitality Group recently took over the 11,000 square foot space that previously housed Tin Roof "Live Music Joint" in the 1890s-era Carriage Works building in the heart of San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter. Once the liquor license transfers, Fast Forward will initially transform the space into a XMAS Bar, a holiday-themed bar and restaurant offering an over-the-top Christmas experience that lasts until Christmas day. Expect holiday-inspired spins on classics cocktails, an array of seasonal shots and a concise food menu featuring a burger, chicken sandwich and tenders, and some holiday takes on items such as flatbreads, empanadas and a cinnamon roll. After the holidays, owners will temporarily close in the new year to renovate the space to become the fifth location of Good Night John Boy. 
"Good Night John Boy" will fully embrace a 70s theme in every aspect, with design elements paying homage to the era's iconic figures, such as Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett. Drawing inspiration from the funky ambiance of a 1970's basement and the groovy vibes of a disco, you can anticipate shag carpet, wood paneling, linoleum flooring, and retro wallpaper. The space will feature a lighted dance floor bathed in the radiant glow of multi-colored neon lights and spinning disco balls. Once it opens next year, this space will become a hub for 70s enthusiasts, featuring a live DJ every night of the week, playing the grooviest 70s-style tunes to keep the party going.

As for the food and beverage menu, it will be steeped in nostalgia, offering items like the "Disco Punch" rum cocktail served in a disco ball you can take home, and the "Johnny Meal," a classic cheeseburger stacked with an onion ring and smothered in "Disco Sauce," all served with a side of fries and accompanied by a fun toy, presented in a signature box like a "happy meal". Other items include Disco Tots,  Fleetwood Mac'n Cheese, TV Dinner Tray, and the Dirty Ash Tray, which is a can of Miller High Life loaded with hot sauce, salt and pepper and lime, served with a sidecar of mezcal.

Good Night John Boy is anticipated to open in May 2024 at 401 G Street in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter. For more information, visit goodnightjb.com.