San Diego's Octavio Tequila Releases Maníball Peanut Butter Flavored Reposado

November 8, 2023

San Diego's Octavio Tequila company has released Maníball peanut butter-flavored Reposado tequila.

In 2019, father and son Bob & Cole Mueller were so inspired while vacationing in the small Mexico town of Los Barilles in Baja California that they decided to start their very own tequila company. They eventually launched Octavio, a small batch tequila brand based out of San Diego's Solana Beach community that bottles tequila imported directly from Tequila, Mexico. Last year, the Muellers opened Casa Octavio, a Mexican bar and restaurant sited near Petco Park in San Diego's East Village. 

Now Octavio Tequila has released Maníball Tequila, a unique peanut butter-flavored Reposado. Maníball Tequila today announced a new distribution partnership with Classic Beverage of San Diego, a leading distributor known for their comprehensive portfolio of premium beverages. With the support of Classic Beverage, Maníball is set to roll out in bars and restaurants all around San Diego. 

"Maníball is not just a drink; it's a celebration of daring flavors that pay homage to traditional tequila craftsmanship while daring to disrupt with its bold peanut butter infusion," said Cole Mueller, founder of Maníball Tequila. "Our alliance with Classic Beverage, a distributor with an impeccable reputation for quality, ensures that our shared vision for an extraordinary tequila experience will find its way to more glasses across the region."

Maníball Tequila is currently available for online purchase. For more information, visit