FIRST LOOK: Tijuana's Famed Las Ahumaderas Taco Alley Finally Ready To Unveil San Diego Offshoot

December 26, 2023

Taqueros from Tijuana's famed Las Ahumaderas taco alley are finally ready to bring their authentic Mexican street taco experience to San Diego's South County. 

Las Ahumaderas is a collective of authentic Mexican street taco stands known as Tijuana's "Taco Alley," which has been serving hungry patrons since 1960. The collection of about a half-dozen, side-by-side taco shacks gained global notoriety when they were featured on a 2012 episode of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" television show. 
Owners of two longtime taco stands from Tijuana's "Taco Alley", Tacos El Poblano and Las Quince Letras, teamed up to replicate the Las Ahumaderas experience in South County San Diego. The project is from Chula Vista natives Pedro & Claudia Rodriguez, who are now ready after nearly two years in development to open this modern take on the Las Ahumaderas taco cooperative in the space that last housed Ocean City Chinese Buffet on Broadway in South Chula Vista. 
San Diego's Las Ahumaderas has a central stand offering a range of tacos, tortas, mulitas, vampiros, quesadillas, burritos, all available with options like grilled carne asada, spit-roasted adobada marinated pork, stewed birria de res shredded beef, and truly authentic cuts like cabeza (head) and lengua (tongue). The restaurant will also offer a menu of beer and soft drinks, as well as a stand from Hellote, who will sell Mexican street corn elote, Tijuana-style hot dogs, nachos, and other creative creations.
"Originally everything started back in the late 60s with my family, my father, and his brothers working in Las Ahumaderas," explained Las Ahumaderas San Diego founder Pedro Rodriguez. "My uncle Reynaldo Rodriguez opened up a space called Tacos El Rey along with Las Quince Letras, which was owned by my uncle Guadalupe Rodriguez. A few years later in 1974, Tacos El poblano was then opened by the Rodriguez bros since then the family business had been growing. Now me and my wife are proud to honor Las Ahumaderas the original Tijuana taco here in Chula Vista."
Las Ahumaderas will soft open to the public on December 27 at 1011 Broadway in San Diego's South County city of Chula Vista. For more information, follow the Las Ahumaderas San Diego on Instagram.