Monterey Park's Xinjiang BBQ Bringing Chinese Barbecue To San Diego

December 13, 2023

Monterey Park-based Xinjiang BBQ will soon bring Chinese barbecue skewers to San Diego.

Founded by Xun Tong in Monterey Park, CA, in 2017, Xinjiang is named after the northwestern city in China, which is populated by a substantial amount of people of Uyghur ethnicity. As such, Xinjiang BBQ serves a lamb heavy menu, featuring lamb soup, chops, kidneys and even testicles. In addition to a long list of barbecue skewers, the eatery also offers appetizers, buns, fried tofu, Taiwanese sausage, and more. 

Xinjiang BBQ will open early next year in the space that last housed Saigon restaurant near Thuan Phat market in San Diego's Linda Vista. The space will be designed with Tokyo Drift-style neon signage and will be open til early morning hours to cater to the late night crowd and students of nearby University of San Diego. In addition to the food menu, the restaurant will also serve beer, wine and soju. 

Xinjiang BBQ is anticipated to open in late January 2024 at 6931 Linda Vista Road in San Diego's Linda Vista neighborhood.