North County San Diego's Bagby Beer Company Passing Torch To Costa-Mesa-Based Green Cheek Beer

January 10, 2024

North County San Diego's 10-year-old Bagby Beer Company has announced it is passing the torch to Costa Mesa-based Green Cheek Beer. 

"The time has at last come for a change here at Bagby Beer Company," read the announcement on Bagby Beer's website. "Our brewery has been the singular focus of our lives and has been a deeply felt, extraordinarily personal endeavor from inception. We’ve hoped to share our love for great things of top quality through countless expressions - large and small - that collectively have become the Bagby experience for our guests and employees."

After earning many awards as the Director of Brewery Operations at San Diego's Pizza Port Brewing, Jeff Bagby left the company and along with his wife Dande launched Bagby Beer Company in 2014 in San Diego's North County city of Oceanside. Following nearly a decade in business, Bagby Beer today announced it will soon turn over its space and operations to Costa Mesa-based Green Cheek Beer. 

"It shouldn’t be news to anyone that restaurants have been absolutely gutted throughout Covid - but also in the years that have succeeded it," continued Bagby Beer's announcement. "We’ve struggled to find our way back and with a spot as large and complex as ours, we now know this effort exceeds our own abilities and our emotional, psychological, and financial fortitude."

At the end of this month, Green Cheek Beer will take over Bagby's expansive property on South Coast Highway in Oceanside, which boasts four separate bars, a spacious outdoor area, second-story views of the Pacific ocean, an onsite brewery and a full kitchen with a pizza oven. Expected to open by this year, the Oceanside brewpub will be Green Cheek's fourth Southern California location.  

"We’re excited to announce that we’ll be opening in Oceanside!", announced Green Cheek Beer. "Our good good pals Jeff & Dande Bagby are closing their beloved Bagby Beer at the end of the month, handing us the torch, and we’ll be opening Green Cheek Oceanside in early March, with the exact date to come sooooon." 

Green Cheek Beer Co. was founded in 2017 by longtime friends Evan Price, Brian Rauso and Kyle Leingang. The company brews an array of hoppy styles of beer, as well as lagers, stouts and even hard seltzers. The brewery's onsite restaurants serve an American-style menu with burgers, sandwiches, wings, salads and sides. 

Green Cheek Beer is anticipated to open by this spring at 601 South Coast Highway in San Diego's North County city of Oceanside. For more information, visit