Amore Caffe Replacing Starbucks In San Diego's Hillcrest

April 20, 2024

One of San Diego's oldest Starbucks Coffee locations closed last year in Hillcrest, but the space will soon be revived by a new cafe and sandwich shop Amore Caffe.

Last year, the nearly 30-year-old Starbucks location on Fifth Avenue in San Diego's Hillcrest shuttered, citing safety concerns. The unit has since been taken over by husband-and-wife Rodolfo Salum and Tanya Medina who will open a coffee shop and eatery dubbed Amore Caffe

The Amore Caffe concept is inspired by the idea of creating a cozy, inviting space where people can come together to enjoy high-quality coffee, delicious food, and good company. The menu will offer a variety of specialty coffee drinks made with freshly roasted, premium-quality coffee beans from different regions like Italy, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Turkey and more. As far as food, expect Italian-style sandwiches, avocado toasts, fresh-baked bagels, and pastries, as well as ice cream and crepes.
"The inspiration behind Amore Caffe stems from a combination of factors, including a love for coffee culture, a desire to create a community hub, and an appreciation for artisanal food and beverage offerings," explained Amore Caffe founder Rodolfo Salum. "We just got married last year and this concept we've been working on since we got engaged. We have been working in the restaurant and coffee business for over 10 years, with our life savings and a lot of effort we were able to become entrepreneurs."

Amore Caffe is expected to open in late summer at 3801 Fifth Avenue in San Diego's Hillcrest.