San Diego Seafood Icon Tommy Gomes Starring In Season Four Of Outdoor Channel's "The Fishmonger" Reality Series

April 22, 2024

San Diego's most famous seafood proprietor, Tommy Gomes is returning to television to star in the fourth season of Outdoor Channel's hit reality series The Fishmonger, premiering this May. 

In 2020, news broke that lifelong San Diego seafood purveyor Tommy Gomes had signed on to host a new television program dubbed The Fishmonger about the American commercial fishing industry. Several seasons later, and Gomes returns to star in the award-winning Outdoor Channel reality show on Monday, May 6. 

The Fishmonger originally began by focusing on the challenges faced by San Diego commercial fishermen and their relationships with local chefs, the community and the world market. The series was so popular, the demand required moving beyond the California coast, and subsequent seasons spotlighted fishing communities from New Jersey to Alaska.
For Season 4, Gomes continues to explore the seafood industry around the United States. He joins Tijuana native chef Maylin Chávez on an exploration of the Pacific Northwest. Locally, the show features an episode with Chef Pablo Becker of popular Fish Guts restaurant in San Diego's Barrio Logan. 

At the same time, information was released that Gomes had partnered with Mitch's Seafood namesake founder Mitch Conniff for the future opening of a new fish market named Tunaville to open adjacent to the docks within Driscoll's Wharf in Point Loma.
A native San Diegan whose Portuguese family settled here in 1892, Tommy Gomes is a fishmonger by blood, coming from several generations of professional fishermen. Over his career, Tommy has become an industry leader in seafood education and a true advocate of sustainable sourcing of sealife. Tommy is the founder of the nonprofit dining series Collaboration Kitchen and has been a guest speaker for many culinary programs, events and specialty meals around San Diego and beyond. 

In addition to working with some of San Diego's best chefs, Tommy has served uni and swordfish marrow to Bizarre Foods’ host Andrew Zimmern and has an Opah breakdown video on Facebook with more than 24 million views. After a 15 year career with Catalina Offshore Products, Gomes stepped down from his public role with the San Diego seafood wholesaler in late 2019 to build his own Tommy the Fishmonger brand. Tommy and Mitch's Seafood founder Mitch Conniff are now the proud owners of Tunaville Fish Market & Grocery within Driscoll's Wharf in San Diego's historic fishing community of Point Loma. 

Watch The Fishmonger on Mondays at 9:30pm on Outdoor Channel starting on May 6. For more information, visit