barleymash Set to Be the New Place to Be at Fifth & Market

April 25, 2012

Working at a sub shop at the age of 15, Eric Lingenfelder had no idea that over a decade later, he would be opening his eighth, yes, eighth restaurant close to home — barleymash. With a prime location at 5th and Market in downtown San Diego and a bar/food/entertainment idea just as perfect, locals and tourists alike are clamoring for its grand opening on May 1st.

“It’s designed to be high energy and fun!” Eric, a definite people-person, enthuses. “barleymash a beer- and bourbon-based bar and restaurant with progressive bar fare that focuses on a community-centric vibe.”

For Eric, barleymash represents the culmination of his previous seven restaurants with Verant Group. Designed to be a new Gaslamp “home,” barleymash focuses keenly on the local neighborhood to celebrate all that’s wonderful about Lingenfelder’s hometown: the weather, the local brews, and the people. Garage-door style windows open up to the city’s sunny disposition; 30 beers on tap from the city’s best micro- and nano-breweries; three large community tables that foster gathering and sharing of deliciously innovative food, conversation and drink; and, to preserve a bit of history, barleymash uses reclaimed wood from the original foundation throughout the restaurant.

barleymash specifically draws upon the allure of bourbon as timeless classic of American culture. It’s a drink that reinforces the restaurant’s philosophy that life is meant to be sipped and savored, not gulped. “Your time is to be enjoyed here,” reminds Eric.

barleymash is the ultimate hub for friends and strangers to come together. It starts with a tantalizing beer- and bourbon-based food that emphasizes organic, locally grown and sustainable ingredients — everything is made from scratch. Notable menu items include flatbread pizzas called Barley Pies made with Red Trolley, homemade ketchup made with PBR, and skillet fries served with assorted toppings like duck, chorizo, or basic sour cream. Other delectable meals include “duck puppies,” a play on hush puppies, and signature desserts, such as the Bourbon Brownie and Tequila Key Lime Pie. Eric works closely with Executive Chef Kevin Templeton and all exceptionally trained 140 staff members to ensure the barleymash menu is up to par and delivered with a smile.

Right below barleymash is ginger’s, a sophisticated, yet laid-back lounge where martinis, mixing, and mingling all flow freely. To fuel the evenings, Eric promises entertainment seven nights a week with bands and deejays, as well as various special events to keep San Diego’s social calendar full. Because of its smart design, there’s a corner in barleymash for everyone from high-heeled ladies to flip-flop sports enthusiasts. By pairing ginger’s and barleymash, it’s hard to find a reason to leave before closing time.

As a local San Diegan, Eric made his way through college working in the restaurant industry. He then moved behind the bar at Tavern at the Beach, a distinguished mainstay of the Pacific Beach bar scene. There he met the bar’s two owners Mark Cirillo and Joe Vaught, and eventually bought into the bar, forming a partnership that became the Verant Group. Together, these three entrepreneurs opened and operate seven other restaurants from San Diego to Tempe, Arizona. With Verant Group, the potential of Eric’s latest venture is bound to be a success!

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