House of Khan Opens Pop-Up Concept July 14th

July 8, 2012

The Campaign for REAL Curry begins this July when House of Khan opens its pop-up concept on July 14th. The restaurant will feature authentic Pakistani food, highlighted by an array of spices and seasonings in two set menus of either BBQ or Biryani, each Saturday evening from July 14-August 25, 2012.

The menus of home-style recipes will be served from 5:00-10:00 p.m. on Saturdays at California Kebab, located at 5157 College Avenue. Guests can choose between the BBQ Platter or the Biryani Platter, and each platter includes a Fresh Summer Fruit Trifle for dessert. A Vegetarian Platter is also available upon request.

“My family loves food, and I grew up learning to cook from my mother and father,” said House of Khan owner and chef, Selina Adam Khan. “The combinations of spices and seasonings are not seen here in San Diego, and I am excited to share these family recipes with my customers.”

The BBQ Platter includes influences from India's Punjab area and Pakistan classics. Chicken Tikka is prepared by marinating chicken in aromatic spices and yogurt for several days before it is grilled. It is served with Seekh Kebab Masala, made from minced meat and spices, and is stir-fried with salsa. The platter also includes Zeera Aloo, cumin-covered potatoes cooked in a ginger and tumeric spice mix, and homemade Naan.

The BBQ Platter is also served with Peshawari/Chapli Kebab, a staple of the northwestern province of Pakistan and one of the most popular BBQ items in Pakistan. Flat fried minced meat patties are flavored with spices and topped off with tomatoes.

The Biryani Platter is a resplendent dish from the Mughal era of the Indian sub-continent. Biryanis are grand and festive casseroles in which rice is layered over spiced meat cooked with tomatoes and yogurt and then set to bake slowly in an oven. This dish is a complete meal in itself and perhaps the most lavish of all Pakistani dishes. It is served with Aubergines in a yogurt sauce and Daal (lentils) and as a fresh salad.

Both options are offered at $25.00 and include a fountain soda as well as a Fresh Summer Fruit Trifle. The classic British dessert, also indigenous to Pakistan, consists of beautifully layered sponge cake topped off with fresh summer fruits, custard and mascarpone or whipped cream.

House of Khan is located within California Kebab at 5157 College Avenue in San Diego. To make a reservation, call (760) 580-9024. For more information about House of Khan or to view the menu please visit