"America's Finest Timelapse" - A Beautiful Accelerated Video Tour of San Diego

September 4, 2012

Today we came across one of the most amazing and beautiful video tours of San Diego that we've ever seen.  Titled "America's Finest Timelapse," the video was filmed and produced by Kevin Andrew Falk of XOXO Wedding Studio, a photography and cinematography company based in San Diego.  The video is set to the song "Make a Noise" by Katie Herzig.

"I just want as many San Diegans to see it as possible," explained videographer Kevin Falk.  "I shot it in my free time over the past 14 months and probably filmed or photographed over twice as many shots than actually made it in the film. With this type of video, there is lots of learning involved, plus you never know what will unfold in front of you!"

Kevin's Twitter Image
On the inspiration behind the video, Kevin explained:

"Inspiration was this beautiful city that my wife and I met in and have grown to love. Together we are always looking for beautiful spots to shoot engagement photos at with our couples and we never seem to run out of places. This city seems almost endless in that way. Combine that with a growing love of time-lapse photography itself and BAM it happened.  There is definitely a possibility for a second volume, but I'm planning on creating some other films as well."

We sure to hope to see a sequel to America's Finest Timelapse.  Until then, enjoy this masterpiece.

Check out more from Kevin Falkner on his personal website at cargocollective.com/kevinandrewfalk and if you're interested in having XOXO Wedding Studio shoot your nuptials, visit them at www.xoxoweddingphoto.com .