In-the-Know at In-N-Out | A Simple List of Secret Menu Options

September 10, 2012

There are many sites online where you can find the In-N-Out Burger secret menu, but the mysterious item choices are often contained in lengthy articles with too much explanation.  We want to make it simple here and put the whole secret menu in a list.  Check it out, and if you know of anything that we missed, please contact us and let it be known!

The regular menu is very basic
It is necessary to first let you know what basic burgers off the menu generally come with:

  • A spread similar to thousand island dressing;
  • One slice of tomato (two if one won't cover the entire bottom bun); 
  • A portion of lettuce;  and 
  • Onions are always offered and are served as a fresh slice by default - but chopped raw, chopped grilled, and whole grilled onions are available by request. 

For the above, the amount is constant regardless of the number of meat patties unless you ask for extra or light of a specific condiment.

Okay, now onto the secret choices.  Feel free to play around and see what you can come up with.  My favorite order is a 1x2 Animal Style, extra toast, extra chilies.  What's yours?

Flying Dutchman

M x C - Meat to Cheese ratio - beef patties to cheese slices.  For example, a 2x4 is 2 beef patties and 4 slices of cheese.  They used to accommodate any request but now they (usually) limit customers at 4x4.  You can try for more if you want.

Mustard Grilled Patty - mustard is squirted on the burger before it is flipped on the grill and essentially grilled into the patty.

Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese - soft toasted bun with two slices of cheese - you can get this with fixin's - just let it be known.

Pickles - upon request.

Grilled Onions - like I said above, it's an option on any burger and can be whole slices grilled or chopped grilled.

Chopped Chilies - not exactly sure what kind of hot peppers these are, but they're spicy!

Extra Toasted or Un-Toasted Bun - the bun is toasted on a grill before everything goes on it, so you can get it extra toasted or not toasted at all if you specify.

Well Done or Medium Rare - patties come medium well if you don't specify.

Mustard and/or Ketchup - mustard and ketchup are offered in addition to or as an alternative to thousand island spread.
Protein Style

Protein Style - the specified burger wrapped in large lettuce leaves rather than on a bun.

No Salt - refrain from adding salt to the patty.

Cold Cheese - cheese is unmelted

Extra Anything - order extra lettuce, cheese, tomato, whatever.

Salad on Side - just meat and cheese on burger with everything else on the side.

Veggie Burger - a.k.a. 'Wish Burger' - no beef patty.  Everything else.

Animal Style - extra thousand island spread, mustard grilled patty, grilled onions and pickles.  Keep in mind that 'Animal Style' can be applied to the grilled cheese, protein style, veggie burger, and flying dutchman, as well as to the fries (see below).

Flying Dutchman - 2 slices of cheese between 2 patties.  That's it unless you request other condiments or animal style.

Animal Style fries

Well or Light - get them extra crispy or less fried.  You can specify if you want them very well or just slightly well.

No Salt - as stated.

Cheese Fries - 2 slices of cheese melted on top

Animal Style - cheese, thousand island spread, grilled onions.

Neapolitan Shake

Root Beer Float - you can specify what ice cream you want in there.  Vanilla by default.

Neapolitan shake - all three flavors in one shake - vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Black and White Shake - chocolate and vanilla.

Large and Extra Large Shakes - They'll use soft drink cups to give you bigger servings.

Word on the street is that you can also get stickers, hats and even T-shirts from In-N-Out.  Like I said, feel free to mix and match - like ordering fries, crispy, animal style with extra chilies.  Oh yeaaaaa!