Feeding America San Diego’s Sunset Soirée: A Sublime Success

October 22, 2012

With the incredible sunset at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club as the backdrop, Larry King had the crowd roaring with laughter and Sheryl Crow had everyone on their feet dancing at the inaugural Feeding America Sunset Soirée, which took place on Saturday, October 13th.  The unforgettable evening transitioned to a celebration of ambition, empathy, and benevolence, as community leaders, philanthropists, and humanitarians came together to benefit Feeding America San Diego (FASD), San Diego’s largest distributor of food to in need children, families and seniors.

SDV with Philanthropists Gwendolyn Meyer and Joy Bancroft
Devoted to feeding the hungry, advocating for a sustainable future, and educating the community, FASD is committed to building a hunger-free and healthy San Diego through innovative programs and collaborative partnerships, as well the generous donations of those in attendance at this wondrous event.  The beautiful Gwendolyn Meyer, who munificently underwrote every aspect of the entire event, graced attendees with her humble and inspiring presence.  Ms. Meyer, a driving force in creating FASD holds a director position as well.  Further demonstrating her philanthropic spirit, Ms. Meyer is also a director of the Aqualia Foundation and a trustee of the forward-thinking Pacific Ridge School in Carslbad.

The evening began on the beach with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and a soothing three-piece ensemble that enchanted as the sunset flung a beautiful fire across the sky.  After the sun tucked away, attendees paraded across the lawn to the reception area to be greeted by whimsical fairy creatures and a dining area, decked out with sparkling white and red lights.  Guests enjoyed a beautiful meal while laughing with King, participating in a vibrant auction, and finally being serenaded by Sheryl. 

The love, emotion and charity exuded throughout the event was palpable, and definitely an inspiration to each of us in attendance.  This one of a kind event is one that is not to be missed in the years to come, as the FASD community has impressed beyond words by accomplishing such greatness through such a pleasurable and joyous celebration of ‘good.’  And, while we sipped cocktails, indulged in delicious food and danced around to nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow’s good vibrations in one of San Diego’s most remarkable settings, we all helped contribute to the success of one of the most important fundraising events for an amazing organization fulfilling great need.  After all, food for all is a necessity, and it is not until we are able to satisfy our most basic human needs that we are able to truly embrace anything else.