Sneak Joint Surprises Everyone With Closing | Sneaks Away Without Paying Devastated Employees

January 23, 2013

The aptly named Sneak Joint "closes for the holidays" - only never to reopen or pay employees' salaries due and owing, leaving former-staff disheartened and distraught over the disrespect demonstrated by the owners' blatant failure to compensate or even notify their devoted and dependent employees of their closing - especially in light of approaching Christmas and the New Year.

Located on the border of Mission Beach and Pacific Beach on Mission Blvd, Sneak Joint was known for their above-average bar food and scantily clad servers. Only a few days before Christmas 2012, as employees showed up to collect their paychecks, many were refused payment because 'funds were not available.'  Later, a representative of  Sneak Joint emailed the staff stating that the restaurant was to be "closed for the holidays" and it was "only a temporary thing," with business set to resume on January 1st. Although promises were made that checks would be 'in the mail,' many (if not all) employees, including upper management, are still without payment for their last weeks of work - and seemingly without recourse as the owners are suddenly nowhere to be found. Who knew that the bar's name would fit so perfectly?

From Sneak Joint's Facebook page
Owned by Elevated Endeavors, LLC, Sneak Joint opened in late 2008. Previously the Liar's Club, the new bar welcomed weary beach goers with friendly servers in bikinis (not always!) and offered finely plated, upscale tavern fare. Sources indicate that around December 20-22, 2012, bar management told employees that funds were currently unavailable to issue checks and that they would be closing until the new year.   The bar had recently bounced employee paychecks, so when it failed to reopen in January, employees assumed the worst, relayed a former employee.

Former employees indicate that their time at Sneak Joint was enjoyable and the restaurant seemed to be doing better than fine, albeit with seasonal slowness. Some were still unsure of the bar's status even weeks after the closing, and owners refuse to answer emails, calls and texts.  

"We worked really hard and were a huge family and dedicated to the business, and were doing whatever it took to keep it alive. There was no indication it was going to close, just worry it was slow," one former employee explained to SanDiegoVille. "All beach bars are slow right now, it's the nature of the business. I've been here for four years and knows how it goes."

There is no explanation for the reasons behind Sneak Joint's closing on its website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Yelp or anywhere else. Try calling Sneak Joint and you'll get an answering machine informing that the 'mailbox is full.'  There has been a sign posted on the exterior of Sneak Joint, explaining the closure, which one source has coined an "outrageous lie."  A Google search for "bars for sale in Mission Beach" will lead to a listing for Sneak Joint, currently on sale for $595,000.

If anybody was ripped off by Sneak Joint, it may be best to send a demand for payment to Elevated Endeavors, LLC's registered agent for service of process, which can be found on the California Secretary of State website (screenshot taken from CA SoS).

Time to show your faces, Elevated Endeavors.  You have plenty of people depending and waiting on you.  Many still have personal items locked inside the establishment.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.