‘Dr. Entomo’ Exhibition Brings the Most Bizarre Creatures of the Insect World to San Diego Natural History Museum

February 3, 2013

Step right up, step right up! Behold the Devil with Two Heads centipede, tremble before the Goliath Bird-Eating tarantula, gaze upon the Glowing Terror scorpion! Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders opens Friday, February 22nd at San Diego Natural History Museum, bringing with it the most peculiar and astonishing bugs on Earth.

Resembling an old-fashioned circus sideshow, this “bug zoo” exhibition explores the truth, myths and mysteries surrounding some of nature’s most curious insects, arachnids and other arthropods – many of them alive and on display. Those daring enough to enter will be captivated by the deceptive and treacherous techniques these creepy crawlies employ for their own survival.

Learn how the Vietnamese Centipede, otherwise known as the Devil with Two Heads, confounds predators with a tail that looks just like its head. Discover how the Giant African Millipede, though harmless-looking enough, can unleash a poisonous cyanide secretion. See for yourself the unnatural neon glow of the Emperor Scorpion.

“Given theNAT’s expertise of southern California arthropod species, we’ve added a local facet that makes this traveling exhibition unique to San Diego,” said Dr. Michael Wall, Curator of Entomology and Vice President of Research and Public Programs. “This gallery displays bugs San Diegans can encounter each day. Here you will learn how the horsehair worm turns the Jerusalem cricket into a zombie with an insatiable thirst, why the maternally macabre tarantula hawk spider wasp paralyzes tarantulas, and how an alien invasion of Argentine ants is taking over California.”

In addition to the local insects theNAT brings to the exhibition, Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders includes 18 baffling species of live critters, as well as mounted specimens.

“The new Dr. Entomo exhibition is all about entomology, as in, bugs. But this isn’t your usual museum pin-board display,” said Dr. Michael W. Hager, president and CEO of San Diego Natural History Museum. “Dr. Entomo’s is one part fun tiny circus, one part freak show and one part educational experience for the whole family,” he said. “But be forewarned! The stars of this exhibition are sure to delight the young, inquisitive minds in your family and some grownups might find the little creatures quite outrageous.”

Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders will be on display at theNAT until June 2, 2013, and entrance to the exhibition is included with general admission to the Museum and free for Museum members. For more information, please visit www.sdnhm.org/dr-entomo.

The San Diego Natural History Museum is the second oldest scientific institution in California and the third oldest west of the Mississippi. Founded in 1874 by a small group of citizen scientists, the Museum’s mission is to interpret the natural world through research, education and exhibitions; to promote understanding of the evolution and diversity of Southern California and the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico; and to inspire in all people respect for the environment.