Pacific Beach Takes to the Bus To Showcase Craft Beers

February 4, 2013

To help introduce patrons to an even larger variety of beers, as well as like-minded restaurants and bars in the PB area, Bare Back Grill bar manager, Rory Farrell, has organized the PB Craft Crawl.  Similar to Point Loma’s Drink The Point and North Park’s Drinkabout events, the PB Craft Crawl is a free chartered bus that takes patrons from Bare Back Grill to other local taverns and restaurants that cater to the craft brew crowd.  In addition to BBG, other locations on the PB Craft Crawl include Ciro's Pizzeria & Beerhouse, Tap Room, Cali Kebab, and the High Dive in Bay Park.

Buses are planned to run the first Wednesday of every month (with Wednesday, February 6th being the next one) making multiple stops throughout the evening beginning at 7 pm at Bare Back Grill. Patrons can jump on and off as they please, opting to stay at their favorite location for as long as they like, or move on as soon as the next bus arrives. At 11:00 pm the bus leaves Bare Back Grill for it’s final round of pick-ups and drop-offs.

If you’re interested, there is a Facebook page for the monthly event at