OB Noodle House | If You Don't Know, Now You Know

February 17, 2013

By Bunny Anderson, SanDiegoVille Contributor and Nightlife Reporter for Examiner.com

Situated just a few blocks from the beach on Cable Street, near the corner of West Point Loma Drive, OB Noodle House has become a beacon of Ocean Beach.  This cozy little restaurant is consistently packed with moppy-haired surfers fresh off the latest set and groups of friends huddled over the eatery's coveted pho soup and other Asian fusion offerings.  And with one of the best beer selections in San Diego offered up at half price on a daily basis, OB Noodle House is THE place to be for happy hour. Craft beer snobs, rejoice! This is the place for you.

Hit up the 'House' between 3pm and 6pm every day and all day Sunday for half-off of OB Noodle House's 40 or so draft beers. A few of my personal favorites from the selection include: Strawberry Banana Sundae (mixed in-house), Alesmith Little Devil Belgian Pale, Sculpin IPA, Cinnamon Pumpkin Gueze Sour and Linderman Lamic Framboise. The beer list can be intimidating for the novice brew fan but the staff has expert knowledge and will happily point you in the right direction. Feel free to ask for a sample if you remain torn.  In addition to daily happy hour, OB Noodle House offers a $1 beer everyday from open-5pm. The dollar beer varies from month to month, but is usually something decent - not just fizzy yellow beer.

For those of you that have never experienced pho (pronouced 'fuh'), it is a beef broth (usually - but seafood, veggie, and chicken broths are available), rice noodle soup served with bean sprouts, basil leaves, jalapeno pepper, and your choice of meat. While it's perfect anytime, pho is my go-to for the overcast, chilly days during these pesky winter months. OB Noodle House serves 19 different varieties of the delicious dish. If you are a fan of seafood, the crab and shrimp filled pho is especially tasty. Other favorites from the lengthy menu include the Saigon fried rice and any of the pan seared crispy egg noodles. At the Noodle House, the portions are huge, so you are sure to have leftovers.

Another major draw at OB Noodle House are the spicy garlic wings: jumbo premium wings marinated with garlic and spices and slow cooked to tender and crispy perfection. These savory suckers are served all wings, so if you're a drumstick-only type, be forewarned.  Cooked in a method akin to tandoori, these wings are some of the best in town, always consistently delicious and definitely one of a kind.

Next time you venture to Ocean Beach, know that OB Noodle House comes highly recommended. The wait can be lengthy, but it is well worth it. Pop into local watering hole Lucy's Tavern (right next door), an optimal spot for passing some time while you wait for the hostess to give you a ring when your table is ready.   If you're a pho snob, know that The Noodle House is surely an Americanized version of the typical pho house, but the staff is friendly, laid back and on point, and the food is yummy and comes out pretty fast. With an out of this world beer selection, incredibly savory food, and a rowdy and unruly atmosphere, OB Noodle house is great place to catch up with friends.

OB Noodle House is open from noon until 11pm Monday through Thursday and 11am-11pm Friday through Sunday.  For more information visit OB Noodle House online at obnoodlehouse.com, and be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

2218 Cable Street, Ocean Beach
(619) 450-6868