California Kebab Closes at SDSU to Focus on Cali Kebab & Beer Garden in Pacific Beach

March 14, 2013

California Kebab, a popular fast-casual restaurant located directly next to San Diego State University, has closed.  California Kebab opened next to the SDSU campus in 2009 as a healthy alternative to the abundant fast food options in the area. The small Mediterranean style restaurant quickly gained in popularity among students and faculty alike because of its unique menu options, focus on fresh ingredients and house-made sauces.

The deck view at the PB location
Managing partners of California Kebab, Alex Pierson and JC Hill, decided in late 2012 to channel their efforts into their second location, California Kebab and Beer Garden located in Pacific Beach.

“We decided to focus on creating the best possible environment for enjoying craft beer and healthy food from scratch.  As our concept and menu continue to evolve, we didn’t want to be hindered by trying to maintain a consistent image between two very different locations, ” said Pierson.

California Kebab and Beer Garden opened in May of last year in Pacific Beach.  It is a 3,400 square foot restaurant on the second floor of the Pacific Beach Promenade complex and offers clear ocean views from its spacious patio.

Pierson and Hill have also installed an on-site brewery, which operates as Amplified Ale Works. The brewery has received high praise from the craft beer community since its first batch was brewed this past November.

Managing Partner JC Hill adds, “The brewing operation is a significant step towards fulfilling our vision of the restaurant being a community hub.  It brings together people that are passionate about the art of brewing as well as fresh food.  With the focus on both crafts works, food and beer under one roof we are able to create a more elevated experience for everyone.”

California Kebab & Beer Garden is located at 1450 Mission Blvd. #208, in Pacific Beach.  California Kebab & Beer Garden is open 7 days a week from 11am to 11 pm Sunday through Wednesday, and until midnight Thursday through Saturday. More information can be found at and on their Facebook page.