Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge Announces New Executive Chef

Chef JC Colón

May 28, 2013

Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge, a Coronado eatery specializing in eclectic, seasonal cuisine, announces the hiring of Executive Chef JC Colón who will take over the position previously occupied by Gregory Chavez. Leroy’s has carefully selected the accomplished chef to design and execute a new menu that will be a culmination of years of experience, classical training and understanding of San Diego’s burgeoning palate. Having honed his craft at CUCINA urbana and Kensington Grill, Colón is primed and ready to lead the kitchen as executive chef. Guests can expect seasonal updates to local favorites and new items that demonstrate Colón’s finesse.

 “We are pleased to have JC Colón join Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge,” said David Spatafore, owner of Blue Bridge Hospitality. “JC’s hands-on approach, passion and eclectic background match what we do here. He gets Leroy’s; he is Leroy’s.”

Following graduation from The French Culinary Institute in 2007, Colón began his culinary career at Nelson Blue in New York City’s financial district. From there Colón set his sights on the Southern California coast and ventured west to San Diego where he thrived under the tutelage of Chef Joe Magnanelli at casual Italian hot spot, CUCINA urbana. Colón quickly rose through the ranks to eventually become Chef De Cuisine at Kensington Grill. Colón’s confidence and classical training are evident in his dishes, which celebrate the pure taste of a few locally sourced ingredients rather than relying on overcomplicated preparations. His signature style also showcases his ability to push culinary boundaries with a flair for the unexpected. Colón plans to expand on his “made from scratch” approach for the menu at Leroy’s, which will begin with charcuterie, pastas and ingredients such as egg yolks cured in house.

Colón will start with a new dinner menu and then move into brunch, the vibrant scene favored by locals for its unrivaled Bloody Marys and live music.

Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge is located at 1015 Orange Ave.