Mission Federal ArtWalk Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Inaugural Graffiti Show and New Interactive Elements

February 13, 2014

In celebration of its 30th year, Mission Federal ArtWalk is excited to introduce the inaugural Off the Wall Urban Show 2014, featuring acclaimed street artists Chor Boogie, Mike “Bam” Tyau, APEX and Codak. These internationally recognized artists will create artwork live on constructed walls from noon until 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 26. ArtWalk patrons can create their own artwork throughout the day with the festival’s newest interactive element, creating colorful mandalas.

The viral medium of street art has gained increased interest in recent years and gone from an underground form of expression to a flourishing sub-culture and respected form of art. ArtWalk is gearing up to host the first-ever event where attendees can watch these celebrated artists create their art live. Off the Wall is sponsored by EC Gallery, a long-time sponsor of Mission Federal ArtWalk. EC Gallery and their associated Empress Contemporary Art are hosting an event on the evening of Saturday, April 26 where attendees may purchase art by these four artists.

About the Graffiti artists:

Modern Hieroglyphics by Chor Boogie
·         Chor Boogie is an internationally known artist originally from San Diego who currently resides in San Francisco. Chor is inspired by his study of renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Rembrandt, as well as more modern artists like Van Gogh and Dali. He combines these inspirations with the street culture of his modern day spray paint “mentors” such as Phase2 and Vulcan.

Sanjuro by Mike Tyau
·         APEX has quickly made a name for himself in the world of street art in his hometown of San Francisco as well as abroad. Having coined the term “Super Burner” his pieces are usually large, multilayered productions packed with patterns and a vivid array of colors.

·         Mike “Bam” Tyau has been writing with spray cans since 1983. Born and raised in Hawaii, Bam’s current work reflects his heritage and he aims to incorporate many cultural flavors in his murals.

·         Codak’s work is defined by his sense of how to utilize space and composition in an organic fashion while maintaining a constructed approach with a mixed media base. His subtle use of color is intermixed with line work to create pieces that serves as a harmonious clash between graphic design and street art.

In addition to viewing the work of these renowned street artists, Mission Federal ArtWalk patrons can create their own mandala. Mandalas arose thousands of years ago to teach sacred texts and pass on knowledge about the order of our world as well as express a desire to be in favor with divine beings. Mandalas originated in Hindu and Buddhist religions in India and then evolved further in Tibet. Artist Deb DeLisi has been teaching this ancient art on both the ground and on paper for almost a decade. She travels globally to work with students and will be at this year’s Mission Federal ArtWalk to help patrons create their own mandala!

For more information, visit missionfederalartwalk.org and follow on Facebook and Twitter.