10th Anniversary Pliny The Younger Makes Its Way to San Diego | Where to Find Russian River Brewing's Extremely Popular Seasonal "Triple IPA"

February 13, 2014

Sure, you can head up to Russian River Brewing Company in Sonoma Valley, California and deal with an 8 hour line, or you can keep reading and get your taste of this ever-so-popular, award winning, seasonal triple IPA at one of San Diego's best beer bars.  The extremely limited release of the 10th Anniversary Pliny The Younger is being distributed throughout San Diego by none other than Stone Brewing Co., so whatever bars receive kegs of "The Younger" will be getting them directly from Stone.  We've got the scoop on when and where it will be arriving, so keep reading, mark your calendar, and get a taste of one of the world's most coveted brews.

The U-T's resident beer guy, Peter Rowe, reported this week that Pliny The Younger could arrive in San Diego as early as 2/13, but that's not the case.  Our sources have confirmed that Stone Brewing Co. will be receiving the shipment of The Younger on Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14.  Word on the street is that Stone won't be delivering those on the day they're received, and being that they don't deliver on Saturday, or Sunday, and since they're taking Monday (2/17) off for Presidents Day, the earliest any brewpub (except maybe Stone's World Bistro and Gardens - check their online draft lists) will receive their very limited stock is on Tuesday, 2/18.

So besides Stone World Bistro & Gardens in both Escondido and Liberty Station, here's who else will be serving up Pliny The Younger:
  • O'Brien's Pub is reportedly receiving 3 kegs, and will tap them at different dates and times, with the earliest being 2/18.  Sign up for their newsletter for an inside scoop.
  • Toronado will likely receive their shipment as early as 2/18, and will likely tap another keg the following weekend, our guess is Sunday, 2/23.  
  • Churchill's Pub and Grill in San Marcos is unveiling their keg of Younger on March 1.  Expect lines out the door and the keg to be kicked within an hour of their opening (11am).  Rumor has it that people camp out overnight to secure their spot in line.  
  • Blind Lady Ale House remains secretive about their release, but they confirmed that they will be receiving Younger and will advertise the tapping in advance via Facebook and Twitter
  • Encinitas Ale House confirmed that they will be receiving a keg and that it will be tapped before the end of February.  That's all the information they would provide, but it will be announced on their website and Facebook page.  
  • Hamilton's Tavern would neither confirm or deny that they'll be getting a keg, but they most likely will be.
Pliny the Younger is categorized as a “triple” IPA, simply meaning that it is higher in alcohol and has tons of hops. The alcohol percentage is about 10.25% and is very hop heavy. It was brewed for the first time 10 years ago as a winter seasonal, building upon the famed Pliny the Elder recipe. It is always brewed only once a year and released at Russian River Brewing Company on the first Friday in February, rain or shine, and there is consistently 100 plus people waiting for doors to open on that first day, with lines remaining until the supply is out. 

Be sure to call ahead to whatever establishment you'll be patronizing to assure tap times and availability.  Once tapped, this beer goes FAST. Cheers to delicious beers!!!