Is Stone Brewing Co. Heading to Wilmington, NC for its East Coast Brewing Location?

March 23, 2014

After seeking suitor-cities on the east coast throughout this past month, it appears as though Stone Brewing Co. may have decided on a location for its new 130,000-plus square foot, east coast brewery. Candidate cities submitted proposals to be considered by Stone, which were due by March 15, and today, Stone may have announced, via Facebook & Twitter, Wilmington, North Carolina as the chosen location for its next big project.

Stone Brewing Co. solicited proposals from cities "east of the Mississippi" for a new brewing location, specifically a city that can accommodate a new or existing 130,000 square foot building (with room to expand for a maximum 220,000 square feet), and a $29 million brewing distribution operation capable of 500,000 barrels a year, that would create an estimated 370 new jobs with wages ranging from $12-$48 per hour. The location must also be able to accommodate a Stone World Bistro & Garden.

Wilmington NC ILM Business Park where Stone Brewing
may be heading for its east coast location
Wilmington, NC reportedly submitted a proposal that included a 23.5 acre parcel within a 153.2 acre business development bordered by the airport in hopes of wooing Stone. The location is centrally located to the historic downtown Wilmington, a coastal city in the southeastern area of the state. North Carolina cities, including Asheville, Charlotte and Greensboro, as well as Myrtle Beach, SC, Bethlehem, PA, Alabama, and East Tennessee's Blount County, all vied hard for the new Stone location, but based on Stone Brewing Co.'s Facebook Post this morning, Wilmington may be the big winner.

"Wilmington, North Carolina was one of the first cities to campaign for us on the East Coast, that kind of foresight is impressive and hard to come by," read the Facebook and Twitter post on Stone Brewing Co.'s social media pages. "We're excited to see what you all can do for the future of #craftbeer! #StoneEast.

Stone isn't the only San Diego brewery with plans to expand to the east coast. Green Flashing Brewing also plans to open a brewery in Virginia Beach, VA. next year.

There is no word yet if this is an "official" announcement, but it certainly seems that way. Stone's expansion projects are in no way limited to the east coast brewery. Besides taking San Diego by storm, Stone also has a hotel in the works, a location in downtown Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, and has been seeking a European location for a brewing operation for years.

Check out Stone Brewing Co.'s Facebook page to stay current on developments with California's biggest craft brewery.